How Do I Teach Them How to Pray? (And a GIVEAWAY!)

We're homeschooling this year, and one of my goals is to familiarize the girls with the rosary. Mostly, I'm making a point of praying the daily rosary aloud when they're around. I don't force them to pray it with me, but I'm well aware of the fact that children absorb the language of the faith the same way they absorb their native tongue. (At least, that's what I'm hoping!) So, when we're in the car, I've been trying to opt to pray the rosary aloud myself, instead of reaching first for the radio dial or my latest podcast episode.

I have no idea if it's working, but I really do think that the most important thing is just to surround them with the faith, you know? I've heard so many stories of people, as children, witnessing their parents pray and it leading them to personal prayer of their own. I know, for myself, that my interest in and love for the Liturgy of the Hours starts with my dad, who prayed his tattered copy of the Divine Office every day.

That being said, I'm a total sucker for Catholic toys and playful learning aides (which should be no surprise for those of you following this blog from the early days...wasn't our oldest SUCH a cutie??). I've been eyeing crocheted rosary roses forever and even made a mini set for one of my godsons a while back. But I'd never made one for the girls! And I'd been itching to try a set.

You guys...I seriously geeked out a bit when I got the opportunity to review a set made by the lovely Annie of Annery at Home. I got to meet Annie at a blogger conference last year, and she is truly lovely through and through. So, I was excited to get to try out her rosary roses!

Needless to say, so were my daughters. ;-)

They love using these rosary roses! So far (since they're still both kind of little) I only make them focus for a decade at a time. These roses would be perfect for an entire family rosary, but they are really perfect for our little decades. Getting to take turns holding the roses and put them in the basket makes them engaged and interested. And if someone doesn't behave...well, heaven forbid someone is too naughty for a turn with the roses! Added motivation for good behavior during prayer time.

These roses are made from 100% cotton so they are super soft and gentle for little hands. Annie has a bunch of color options, but I really love the red and white roses. They look lovely sitting in a basket on our mantelpiece, wedged between our icons (okay, the stack of icons that we are working on getting hung up in our new house) and our Mary statue. The set comes with 11 roses - 10 of one color for the 10 Hail Marys, and 1 of a different color for the Our Father. I love having a visual distinction for my girls. That might just be the visual learner in me speaking. ;-)

With some excellent Marian feasts coming up with month (Mary's birthday on September 8, and Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15th) and the month of the rosary next month, these are a great aide to snatch up and add to your Catholic home!

Want some of your own? You can find them at Annery's Handmade on Etsy or over at Peter's Square. You can get a simple set of the roses or opt for a full gift set, complete with a gift bag and rosary prayer cards. 

I was given this darling set free for review, in exchange for my honest opinion. But honestly, I really do love this set. I love it so much that I want to giveaway a free e-book copy of my kid's rosary book to help you use these rosary roses in your own family prayer. Enter the giveaway below!


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