When Your Life is Full of Prayer Intentions

At least that's what it feels like these days - like life is full of prayer intentions. It's a good, good life, and there are so many prayer intentions that are being answered. So this is more a reflection on the fact that life is full of big things these days, and it feels like all the big things are happening at once, if that makes sense? 


I never got to link up with Rosie last week, but maybe I'll get to join her this week! The What I Wore Sunday link-up is a lovely one to take part in. 

And yes, I chopped off all my hair. I always think that I'm going to like having long, curly hair, but then it becomes too much to maintain. It's been ages since I had it this short, but I was inspired by Nell and her adorable cut.


We had spring parent/teacher conferences this week, and of course our girl is doing phenomenally. I am so, so grateful that we've had a really good school experience with her. It makes me more confident about our call to homeschool next year, because we aren't making the decision out of bitterness toward bad schools or anything like that. Her school is lovely, and if you know me in real life and are looking for a preschool in our area I would highly, highly recommend it. But when there is so much goodness and there is still a silent, gentle call to something - well, that's usually the sign of God at work. He works in those quiet ways, you know? 

I am so excited about teaching her next year. I'm excited about the curriculum we're looking at, excited about settling on a co-op (for our very social girl) and excited about what our lifestyle will look like. Slower, quieter, and with more space to breathe (and play!) I hope.


One of the things I am most excited about is the blossoming friendship between my daughters. As any parent of siblings know, it is a full time job trying to nurture that relationship and teach them how to interact. (i.e. Teaching them that hitting, yelling, tattling, etc. are not acceptable.) But the fruit of the labor is so very, very beautiful. We were at the seminary recently, and an argument broke out between them, and I stopped what I was doing to mediate and try to teach them how to solve it. Then I turned back to the seminarians I had been talking to and said, "It's all about character forming. It's moments like this when I realize I am so much more than a babysitter..." They loved that (because they want to be good parish priests and are fascinated by the vocation of motherhood) and it was the first time I had thought of it that way. Motherhood isn't just about childcare. It's about forming character, and teaching virtue. That's the kind of thing you can't put on a resume, but it's also the job for which there is no replacement.

Anyway, I just love their relationship. The other day, we were driving to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and they randomly started playing "I Spy" in the backseat and I just had this moment of revelation, "Ohhh...I won't be a referee forever. They're going to start being able to interact and have conversation more!" And that was a wonderful realization.


The other night, our newest godson was born and baptized. Andrew was able to be present for the baptism, and I came to the hospital once the babysitter arrived. 

His parents knew he was going to need some extra help, so the baptism and everything had already been planned. His mother is an amazing woman, and watching her and her husband navigate these waters...well, it's just been an honor to be able to call her friend, and to get to be a part of the beginning of this little boy's life. Not sharing any names here, out of respect for their privacy, but could you please offer a little prayer for this little guy and his parents and older siblings? He is one tough little boy and will be alright in the end, but he's got a bit of a journey ahead of him.


This little girl has been living vicariously through everyone she knows who is expecting a baby brother or sister, and she was so excited for her godbrother to be born. I asked her if I could take a picture of her praying for him, and she consented.

The rest of her adoration session was equal parts adorable and hilarious.

Me: Sweetheart, are you ready to go?

Maria: Almost. (Pause) I love you...Jesus! Hmm...shoes? 

Me: You're showing Jesus your shoes?

Maria: Yeah! Hmm...Socks? Jesus...Mah-ria tutu? 

Me: Oh, you're showing Jesus your tutu? 

Maria: Mommy, show Jesus shoes!

Me: Show Jesus my shoes? Okay....are you ready to go now, sweetheart?

Maria: Almost.

Jesus must just love when two year olds pray.


I finished reading The Martian Chronicles yesterday, and it was so good. Bradbury does not disappoint. The next book on my Kindle is a library one, the new Harper Lee book, Go Set a Watchman. I've barely started so I can't comment yet, but it sounds like most people either love it or hate it. I'll let you know what camp I fall in, soon enough. 

I have been flying through and loving my other library book, Till We Have Faces. It's C.S. Lewis at his finest, and it really lives up to all the hype. I don't know when I last enjoyed a book this thoroughly!

I'm reading Go Set a Watchman because it's a library one, and I was on the waitlist forever, but I do know which one I'm going to read on my Kindle after that. I had a hard time falling asleep one night last week and was looking for a "boring"book to help me drift off, and I started Jane Eyre, thinking it would fit the bill...but I was so, so wrong. Now I'm itching to start reading it in earnest. Any Bronte fans out there? 

I've been especially wanting to read her since hearing that she suffered from (and mostly likely died from complications associated with) hyperemesis gravidarum. It makes me so, so grateful to be living in the time I'm living in! 


Finally, for all of you who have been following our family in this time of transition - still no definite answers on our future, but still lots of prayer and discernment. So, if you have a moment, can you say a quick prayer for us, too?

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  1. I would love to hear about what curriculum you've settled on for next year! I'm not all that happy with what we used this year, so we'll be changing ours again, and I'm on the hunt for what I'm going to do :)

  2. Love the short hair! I always feel the same way - in theory I love my long waves but goodness it's a lot of work!


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