Please Join Me in Praying for a Miracle

(I don't know if it's a universal phenomenom, but both of our girls have fallen head over heels in love with their patron saints when they're two years old. At least this one hasn't started in with the possessiveness we witnessed with Miss, "No! My St. Therese!".)

This week has been an exhausting one, and I can't even really share the reasons why with you because it's a lot of things I can't really talk about just yet. Suffice it to say it started with a husband across the country and ended with even more uncertainty about our family's future, and add in a number of other things that came up and...yeah. It was a long week. 

I wasn't going to hop on here at all today, but I have something really, really important that I have to share with you. I'm begging you all to pray with me for a miracle. 

I shared with you last week that our newest godson was born (and baptized) and my tone was very optimistic at the time. But poor baby boy has had some very serious ups and downs in the NICU and his future is very, very uncertain. We're praying for miraculous kidney (and lung) function improvement. That's all the details I can go in, but it's a really serious situation. His mama is one of my very dearest friends, and my heart aches for her having to see her baby go through all these ups and downs. What we need, friends, is a miracle. A good, old-fashioned miracle. 

This little guy and his family (and godparents) all have a special love for the saints of the Martin family. When I was digging around trying to find a patron for our cause, I stumbled on dear (now Servant of God!) Leonie, whose cause for canonization was very recently opened. I found a prayer for her canonization/asking for her intercession. Won't you join me in saying it, faithfully, every day? I can't reveal any personal details about my godson, or tell you his name (out of respect for his family's privacy) so you can just offer it for "Michele's new godson" and she'll know who you're talking about.

Dear Léonie our Sister,
You have already intervened with God on our behalf,
and we would  like to be able to pray to you officially,
so that many more might know you.
Come to the aid of parents who risk losing a child,
as you nearly died at a very young age.
Continue to uphold the families
where different generations have problems living together in peace.
Enlighten youth who question their future and hesitate to commit.
Show to all the way of prayer
which permits you to bear your limitations and your difficulties with confidence,
and to give yourself to others.
Lord, if such is your will,
deign to accord us the grace that we ask of you
through the intercession of your servant Léonie,
and inscribe her among the number of the venerable of your Church.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Imprimatur: March 25, 2012
†  Jean-Claude Boulanger
    Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux

Let's absolutely storm heaven, you all!!! Thanks in advance!!


  1. Hugs and prayers to your family and this sweet boy! St. Leonie, pray for us.

  2. Praying with you for that little one. Leonie, please give them a miracle. <3

  3. Leonie Martin pray for us! (shared on my FB page too!)

  4. I will absolutely pray with you for the sweet baby.

  5. 189 mothers from the 'Catholic Mothers' FB page are on it! As for me prayers from London UK!

  6. Praying with you as well! (And for you and your family, too, as you face all this uncertainty!)

  7. Prayers from France! Not far that from Lisieux in fact...

  8. I'll pray for this little one, and for your family's situation as well.

  9. Praying for all of you - hoping for a miracle!


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