WIWS and Soothing an Infertile Friend

When Rosie tells me to do something, I listen. So, here's what I wore Sunday!

My vocation to motherhood is so boring. #saidnomotherever

My had a couple seminarians and a lovely family over for a post-Mass brunch today. The little family had a one month old and were very generous about letting us have a chance to hold him. Our family is aching for a new baby, and holding that little boy was balm for our souls!

It reminded me of a piece of advice I'd read recently, suggesting that was to comfort a friend who is struggling with infertility is by letting them hold YOUR baby. So, so true!!

Have a good week, friends!


  1. I've missed your WIWS posts! So glad you could link up :) And that you got to hold a sweet newborn - there's nothing like it! Praying for you all :)

  2. You two look too cute!! And thank you so much for the advice! I'm always concerned that bringing over a baby might make a couple struggling with infertility feel worse, so that is incredibly good to know that it can be a comfort to them.

  3. Glad you got baby snuggles - so very precious!! I'll definitely keep that in mind, as I have quite a few friends who struggle with infertility.

  4. aw, sweet mother/daughter pictures! Glad you got some snuggles in! HUGS!


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