The Stations of the Cross - for Toddlers????

First of all, have you heard about Waiting in the Word - A Mother's Lenten Journey?? Nell sent me a review copy and I am SO excited to dive in! I hadn't had anything planned for my prayer life this Lent, and this is just the ticket.

Oh, and I wrote another book for you all! You guys...this is my favorite project yet! I'm so excited about how it's turned out, and so excited to have a copy in my hands to use with my own toddler.

There are some great resources out there for older kids and families, wanting to pray the Stations of the Cross together. Our family won this beautiful set a couple of years back in a giveaway, and have loved using it. But for the littlest ones in the family...the baby, toddler, or young preschooler? What about them. 

Enter this book.

The official release date is set for Ash Wednesday...and I'll share so much more about it then. But I had to share it tonight, or else I would burst! I just can't wait for you to get a copy in your hands, to begin to teach your little ones about the Way of the Cross this Lent.

I should add, though, that this book is NOT just for the littlest members of your family. You'll notice that the subtitle isn't "A Baby's Way of the Cross" or "A Toddler's Way of the Cross." Because honestly? Even your slightly older kids will appreciate this. It's so simple and straightforward that it will help even you and your big kids to memorize the Stations. I also envision it being a possible resource for little and big kids with special needs, too. Basically, this little book is one that your whole family can pray together! Imagine...being able to pray the Stations of the Cross, as a family, in only a minute or two??

Check back later this week for more details! I can tell you that it will be available both in e-book (PDF and Kindle) and paperback forms. AND the e-book formatting will be slightly different to maximize toddler swiping satisfaction (EVERY single page must have pictures, or my toddler will lose interest!). 

Oh, and don't worry...there will be giveaways and reviews coming, too. ;-)


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