Some Books, A Pope, A Quilt, and Plato? Or Playdoh?

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First, I have to start off by showing you how the book turned out. My copy showed up late last week, and I'm just thrilled with how it turned out!! What with a traveling husband last week (which of course, I don't talk about until after the fact!) life was too crazy for too much blogging/writing. But I'm so happy to show it to you now.


Isn't it so pretty?! I modeled it after the style of books that my toddler and preschooler love best. And really? From babies up to young elementary, it's the kind of book that little ones love. Simple and easy to follow. I hope you'll check it out! I've got a lovely line-up of bloggers who will be doing reviews and giveaways, and I'll let you know where to find them. In the meantime, you can purchase your copy here.


I do so love the sight of this little one running. I love it even more when she's running through the halls of the seminary. And it makes me chuckle to myself when she's running with her Pope Francis doll. (We didn't get it from Toys R' Us. A friend of ours bought a bulk amount and so ours was under $3!) As you can imagine, the seminarians (and even this little girl's favorite priest friend, the rector of the seminary) were in love with this doll. They were making Pope Francis jokes left and right!


Between this lovely podcast and the Read Aloud Revival I keep hearing people off-handedly talking about reading Shakespeare to little ones. I'm awful about reading anything not picture books, but I really, really love Shakespeare and have for a long time. I lugged around this very tattered Complete Works of Shakespeare with me during many of my high school days. Just having it on the desk with me was a promise of worlds to escape into! I loved doing theatre, acting, directing, etc. and Shakespeare is so very fun to perform. I've been feeling guilty about not being able to read classic non-picture book literature out loud to the girls (dumb, I know) but I had soooo much fun reading A Midsummer Night's Dream to them. I did different voices and really got into it. My older one is already familiar with the story, so she really enjoyed it! We both think Nick Bottom is positively hilarious. 

BUT what's really funny here is the fact that they were playing with their new Playdoh while I was reading to them and bringing me "food" to eat. The little one jokingly smeared some on the page and I told her, "No, no! We don't put Playdoh on the Shakespeare!" Then the former philosopher in me chuckled. Plato and Shakespeare. Playdoh and Shakespeare. Hehe.


Aaaaaand two big project finished this week! A very belated Christmas gift for a dear friend (who's always making things for our family) and a book that lasted forever...but got surprisingly good right at the very end! Basically became an apology for fidelity in marriage. Loved it!


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