Dear Grad Student Wife....This Too Shall Pass

It's been one of those stretches of life when life takes all the energy and you just hang on for the ride. Ah, well...this too shall pass.

(If you haven't previously discovered OK Go, please accept my apologies. You're about to waste the next hour of your life. Oh my goodness....I can't stop watching these videos.)

Anyway, a week ago yesterday, this happened:

That man, standing there, in doctoral robes, is none other than my husband - who is now official a doctor of theology. It is so surreal, this accomplishment that's been in the making for our entire marriage thus far. 

And do you want to know what was totally unexpected? The fact that it's pretty common for people to not only congratulate the doctor himself, but also his wife and children...especially his wife. Not only did his professors, students, and friends congratulate me and the girls in addition to congratulating him, but...we got thanks from the man himself. Do you want to know how to melt your wife's heart in a million different ways? Thank her for her help and support in front of a roomful of advisers, colleagues, and students of yours. If he hadn't already stolen my heart years ago...

I was and am so incredibly proud of him. I'm not only proud of him because he passed his defense (with distinction!) but because it was abundantly clear how much he is respected by so many people. Obviously, I have boatloads of respect for this man, but nothing fills up a wife's heart more than seeing how respected her husband is by others. 

A special thanks to the very strong contingent from the seminary, for not only showing up to support the man of the day, but also to help entertain his adorable daughters for two hours. (And, of course, thanks to my long suffering father-in-law for camping out on the floor for two hours reading books, playing games, and doing puzzles with the girls. And a million thanks to the girls for being so incredibly well behaved!)

So, I guess this post is not just for posterity's sake, but also to encourage all of you who are spouses to a graduate student. It will end. And when it will be all worth it. Soooo worth it.

I am so incredibly proud of the man I'm married to, not just because he worked so long and so hard and accomplished something so great. I'm proud of him because I see how he's trying to follow God's will for his life. One of the greatest gifts of our vocation, so far, is just being able to watch each other grow into the man and woman that God is calling us to be. There have been some incredible rough patches in the past six and a half years - but it's been worth it. Every minute has been totally worth it.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a peek at our Advent. See you then!


  1. Congrats to you all! We were there three years ago, and it did feel good!


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