Day 9: Imperfect Can Be Beautiful

It was a long day today, but I'm determined to stick to this 31 day challenge!

My challenge for you today is very simple: look for beauty in the imperfect. I was listening to the audio book version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's book, On the Banks of Plum Creek with the girls today, and I was so struck by Ma's reaction to their dugout home. If I had been in her shoes, faced with the challenge of turning a literal hole in the ground into my home, I would have cried.

But Ma responds by making her simple home beautiful. She cleans in, tidies it, and personlizes it with their simple things.

But what makes that humble dugout a home is...her. Her love, her gentleness, her drive to find beauty in everything - that is what makes for a home.

I hope I can be like Ma.


  1. Ma truly is a role model. I think often of how she would react to situations that I find too difficult. Of course, my kids keep asking if we can build a dug out because that is where they want to live. On the Banks of Plum Creek is their favorite book in the series.


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