Day 3: You Need Help (Even From the Least Likely Places)

I want to encourage you to turn to your church community and reach out to them for love and support. But I also want to acknowledge something else - the reality that many of us (especially those with very young children, newlyweds, or young singles) aren't sure where our place is in our church, or are too darn busy and overwhelmed to ask for the help we so desperately need. 

We aren't made to be alone. One of my favorite passages in Scripture is Adam's response to the creation of Eve. You can almost hear the relief in his voice when he says, "Here at last is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh!" (Genesis 2:23) From the very beginning, man felt the desire for union with others. 

But God doesn't just work in the usual, expected places. He works in the unexpected places. Because your domestic monastery is not truly monastic, you are unavoidably immersed in the world. The gift in that is that you may find God in the least likely of places. 

You can't put God into a box, and sometimes the help you need is found where you'd last expect it. That man offering to hold a door open for you when you're juggling a car seat in one hand and a toddler on the other hip? That elderly woman who plays peek-a-boo with your baby in the line at the bank? That Target employee, whipping out a strip of stickers for your restless toddler in the checkout line. God is working in all of them. 

The secret to a successful domestic monastery is acknowledging that while we are not called to be of the world, we are called to be in it. We can't ignore the world outside our home, and we need to be open to the ways that God works through others. We need to accept help whenever it's offered. We can't do it alone.

Your challenge for today is to open up your eyes to the little ways that God is working in the life of your family. Can you spot one unexpected offer of help today? Can you accept it?

Dear God, please grant me the grace to humbly accept the help I need when it is offered. Amen.


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