{phfr} Through the Eyes of a Two Year Old

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Today's post is dedicated to our in-resident two year old.


Rosie recently had a post about how she sometimes looks at her oldest daughter and is struck by her beauty. I have so many moments like that with my girls, too, and looking at this picture was one of those moments. My heart!


She climbed to the top and was too scared to go down...but I'm so happy that she was able to climb to the top! That's a huge deal for this little girl, who hasn't had the easiest time mastering her gross motor skills. I am so super proud of the progress she's made!


On Sunday, Andrew was reading aloud and Therese and I were coloring, and Maria walked out of the room. She came back, excitedly telling me, "Pizz-ah! Pee-zah!" Then she took me by the hand and showed me how she had drawn a picture of pizza...on the printer paper that was still in Daddy's printer. She was super proud, though. Pizza is her favorite food, after all!


This was one of the other pictures from Sunday...and it melts my heart. Seeing a daddy loving his daughter is just the best, isn't it?!


  1. So beautiful, this noticing and cherishing. I am trying to cultivate the same, and avoid the rabbit-hole of fretting cares and worry. Thanks.

  2. Oh I love her sweet smile in the last picture :) What a beauty!


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