{phfr} In the Final Days of Dissertation Writing and Weekend Reading

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PreK officially starts on Monday (although we've already started doing our homeschool lessons, because Therese and I were too darn excited to wait!). I'm semi dreading it (because I love that little girl of mine and don't want her gone from my side for a second) and semi excited about it (because I love that little girl and she's going to have a blast!). I'm glad that, for this year at least, we're hybrid homeschooling.

Andrew is going to be teaching four classes (but thankfully only three courses, since one of them has two sections) this semester and life is about to get seriously crazy. He's been cramming in as much dissertation writing time as possible, and he's approaching the finish line. To give him some extra time to write, we've kicked him out the door to his (much quieter) office at the seminary, and the three of us girls have been enjoying each other/trying not drive each other crazy. All you mothers of daughters know what I'm talking about.

Here are a few lovely moments from our time together...


I was trying to finish editing the latest episode of the Little House Mothering podcast before we headed out the door for a play date the other day (spoiler alert: the upcoming episode will be featuring Rhonda Ortiz, the lovely editor of the online magazine Real Housekeeping...and it's every bit as awesome as it sounds!). I finally realized I stood the best chance of having success if I gave each girl a desk adjacent to mine and kept handing them activities off of my desk. It was crazy, but it actually kind of worked. Poor Andrew walked in the door that night to see that our room was, once again, being taken over by a project of mine. Good thing he's a good sport about these things!

I've been trying to find the work/mothering work balance, and I think that having a supportive spouse is key. A friend and I may also be swapping childcare to get some of our (non-mothering) work done during the week, and I'm sure that will help, too! Something I've been talking about with a number of other bloggers and freelance writers lately is how much work you have to put in to this job before you start making any money. It's kind of ridiculous! I'm not sure how many hours I put in of working on writing type projects this week, but it was easily as many hours as a part-time job, with nowhere near the income. Is it worth it? Yes. A single comment or e-mail from one of you makes it all worth it!


They are so pleased with their new skills. I am so terrified. Comes with the mothering territory?


Whither Sissy go-est, I will go.


Who knew strep throat in the summer was a thing?

After the past few weeks, I am sooo done with doctors. Not only was our little girl sick, but I went through as series of tests and doctors appointments trying to figure out some of my ongoing nausea before another potential HG pregnancy (another post for another day - cliff notes version is that there is no concrete answer but maybe some solutions?). Anyway...just done. Done, done, done!

Finally, some weekend reading...

Ethel Says...The Dangers of DIY - Real Housekeeping

The Long Winter and Reading's Reward - Crisis Magazine via Catholic Exchange

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. lol! I'm not sure if it's just mother's with daughters, my little boy can talk my ears off and it drives me crazy after too many days alone with him haha. Also, your girls are adorable! Hope you can figure out the nausea, that sound horrible...

  2. I just tried listening to the podcast with Rhonda, but didn't see it! I checked the website and the Podcasts app. Am I doing something wrong?


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