Personality Types and Tiny Houses - the Latest Episode!

This week's podcast was so fun!

On this week's episode of the Little House Mothering podcast, Amy and I chatted with Tess of Little House in Chicago. I think this every week, but it really was one of my favorite podcasts yet! We talked about some really fun things - Tess' trips to Little House house sites, personality types (including Amy's awesome categories and subcategories for personality types), and tips and reflections on life in a tiny home. (Tess' home has a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.)

Be sure to listen to this week's episode and also be sure to check out all our previous episodes, too!

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Want to know five past episodes you simply must check out? (I can't say "favorites" because I really do love all of them so much!!!)






Aaaaannnd...even though I said I'm only giving you five to start out with, I really can't pick, so also be sure to check out our interview with Olivia on being a new mother, the episode where Rosie shares her fashion and child-wrangling tips with us, and also the ones where Amy and I discuss our favorite toys, how to mother without your children getting eating by bears (i.e. the wisdom of Blueberries for Sal), and of course our very first episode!


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