Good Old-Fashioned Mothering with Dwija!

I am so excited about today's episode of Little House Mothering! 

Today we're talking with Dwija of House Unseen. I'm sure most of you are familiar with her already (perhaps from reading her lovely chapter in Rosaries Aren't Just for Teething?) but be prepared to get to know her even better! 

It was such a fun interview! Amy and I decided that Dwija is the most "Little Houseish" mother we've interviewed so far, since she actually live in the country/on an old farm property. (We interviewed Rosie before her exciting move to the country.) We also totally enjoyed the fact that the three of us are all from the same part of Michigan!

Dwija shares some fun anecdotes about house remodeling with children and even gives some great tips for strengthening your marriage. Be sure to have a listen!!

Now...wanna see what we wore Sunday? (Poor Maria wore her pjs because she was sick.) 

I was looking at these pictures later in the day, and I realized that I was totally channeling my inner Rosie...which made me feel very, very trendy. I love that girl's clothes! It's no coincidence that most of our conversation with her revolved around style!

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. You look stunning! I love the colors in your skirt! So pretty! Hope your little one is feeling better, and I've been meaning to listen to your interview of Dwija! Just have yet to get to it! :) It'll be soon though!


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