Weekend Reading Vol. 17

Joining Kelly for all the fun.

Weekend's here and time for some quick and fun reads!


The other night, I got to listen/watch an awesome live broadcast from Bonnie. IT WAS AWESOME. If you are a Fulton Sheen fan, and want to hear the story of the alleged miracle that has him up for beautification, you must listen to the story of James Fulton - the boy who lived. (And who is way cooler than Harry Potter, the other "boy who lived." Harry didn't have Fulton Sheen.)

And if you want to be a part of re-opening the cause for sainthood of Sheen, then click here for more info.


Nourish Motherhood is a brand new site that a friend of mine was a co-founder of, and it's beautiful! Poke around and find some inspiration.


Rosie bought a farm,  and I am so super happy for her! If you haven't poked around her site yet, you should really start with "50 Reasons My Toddler Won't Nap" or her tons of resources for mothers of twins or maybe even her posts on ThredUp vs. Twice. She is one of the blog world's gems, for sure.


With all the busyness of summer, we took a week off, so now's a great time to catch up on any episodes of Little House Mothering that you may have missed! We recorded next week's last night and I think it may have been our best yet. I hope you love it as much as we loved recording it! Check the site on Monday for the latest episode!


Kendra tackled something controversial again. Some really great food for thought!


I've never gone camping in a tent camping, but Andrew and I have talked about doing it with the girls at some point. The Homespun Heart recently had some great tips and tricks for camping!


Finally, Haley had yet another great NFP post, this one lamenting the lack of parish resources for couples wanting to practice Natural Family Planning. I feel like I have had so many people ask me about NFP lately (not on the blog, but in real life) and I think that Haley hits on some really important points here. Speaking of which...Andrew and I will be speaking at the Respect Life Convention in St. Louis this October. We'd love to see you there!!!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, friend! So excited for more episodes of the podcast :)


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