Weekend Reading Vol. 15

Joining Kelly for all the fun!

I haven't done one of these posts in ages, but I've been reading some really great things around the web lately, so I thought I'd share. Without further ado...


Amelia (whose new header I'm kind of in love with) has a sister who's a Sister, and she's graciously inviting us all to submit questions for the series "Ask the Nun." I'm planning on talking to Therese and seeing if she has any good questions! 





We got to interview Ana for an upcoming episode of Little House Mothering. One of the things we talked about was her latest post on the importance of (parent) sleep. Soooo good!


Speaking of the podcast, did you listen to our interview with Jenny?


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Spoil the dads in your life tomorrow, and don't forget your spiritual fathers, too!


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