The One Thing I Couldn't Live Without... the Eucharist. Happy Corpus Christi!

A church near our home (not our parish) hosted a Corpus Christi procession today, and it was absolutely lovely (and also very hot...those poor priests in their vestments!). We haven't been to one since we lived in South Bend, so this was the first one for the girls (at least, ex-utero). 

The procession wound through the park, the neighborhoods, the was such a beautiful way to witness to our love for and belief in the Eucharistic presence.

Want to read more about the why the Eucharist matters? From the archives...

A Cute Story About Therese and the Eucharist (major flashback pictures! Maria does this, too, now...she gets sooo excited when the bells are rung at consecration and she starts shouting, "Je-us! Je-us!" and pointing up at the altar. And her little face lights up.)

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Check back this week for a major announcement about the sequel to Rosaries Aren't Just for Teething! In honor of Corpus Christi, the PDF copy is on sale for today and tomorrow only! (Did you know you can read a PDF on your Kindle? You just send it to your Kindle e-mail address with the subject line "convert." Works like a charm!) If you haven't gotten a copy yet, now's your chance! Use coupon code: CORPUSCHRISTI to get the book for only $2.99! Click here to order now!


  1. You look beautiful! I love the blue on you. And thank you for the great links on the Eucharist - I need to read through them all

  2. I love your dress and the girls'.....
    thanks for the links. :)


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