{phfr} Summer in the Great...Ummm...Little Outdoors

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I've shared with you some of our hiking adventures, trips to beaches...but the bulk of our outdoor time in the summertime is made up of the little moments.


We try to go for a walk every morning (before the heat and humidity kick in too much), and I usually bribe these cuties with a trip to the playground. It's so fun to see them both being able to do so much more climbing than last year! (Super cute flashback to the same park at the end of the link.)


This little lovely is doing a much better job at smiling and looking at the camera (with some coaxing).


Of course, sometimes she still gives us gems like this one.


If I'm honest, though, my favorite outdoor time with them (and I think theirs with me!) is when I fill up the pool, grab a book, and let them play while I read. Grabbing a random minute to read in between requests and questions? Bliss. (I'm also more than a little bit in love with the view.)

Hope your summer is going well!


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