The First Time I was a Bride...

...was 20 years ago.

(Before you do anything else, though...go over to Mary's site. Courtney doesn't have a grave stone yet. Can you help Mary get one???)

Yesterday was my (and Andrew's) anniversary of First Communion. It was the anniversary of the first time I received Jesus in the Eucharist, the first time we were joined in this special union.

It isn't a coincidence that we dress little girls as brides when they receive First Communion. They are truly little brides of Christ, approaching their divine Bridegroom for the very first time. It is a profound moment.

If you were to ask me what the one thing was that I couldn't live without in this world, I would tell you it was the Eucharist.


If you had told me 20 years ago, that I would be going to Mass in a seminary (where my husband worked) with my two daughters in tow...I would have been pretty happy. Even back then, I liked really little kids, and (once you explained to me what a seminary was) I probably would have geeked out about that a bit, even as an 8 year old. Liturgical nerd from the cradle.

I feel so blessed when I realize that this is my vocation - this family, this life, this spouse of mine. I can tell you two things, beyond the shadow of a doubt. First of all, I would not be where I am today, where it not for my relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist. And secondly, none of it would mean anything, were it not for Him. Even the greatest joys would be missing something.


Of course, lest I get too caught up in spiritual ecstasies, and lose sight of the reality of this vocation, God gave me this little cutie. He also gave me the privilege of chasing her down and shushing her during Mass. I secretly enjoy it (some days, at least). And yes, she can walk (finally!) but she's stubborn to the core, and just refuses to sometimes.


Would I like to have a root beer float, to celebrate the anniversary of such a special day? Why yes, yes I would. Don't mind if I do.

I love Sacrament anniversaries. Actually, I love any excuse for ice cream. Let's be honest.


My final copies arrived yesterday! So exciting.

The response to the book so far have been just amazing. There are giveaways going on left and right, and people are so excited about it. I am so happy! It was a lot o work putting this together, but it was also a lot of fun. I'm glad that people are enjoying it already!

For all the ordering details, click here. For all those rushing to get Mother's Day gifts at the very last minute, I decided that the PDF copies will be available on Saturday evening. If you'd like your e-book in PDF form, you can click here on Saturday night (or later). For a Kindle copy, go here, and for a paperback, you can go here.

Finally, one more thing...a super exciting announcement.

Amy Garro of Go Forth and Mother and I are starting a podcast!!! More details coming tomorrow, so check back then. :-)

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  1. Big announcement! Look forward to hearing your podcast:) I was in one recently and it was lots of fun. Checking out details tomorrow:)

  2. Oh so excited for your podcast!!! I love them all, there totally aren't enough to listen to while I cook & wash dishes!


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