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I extended the sale price of Rosaries Aren't {Just} for Teething) for one more day. Go get your Kindle copy today for only $2.99!


Someone on Facebook asked if the PDF was on sale, and it wasn't yesterday. But, for all you Nook or other e-reader users out's on sale today through Sunday! Also for only $2.99! You can purchase the PDF here. Enter discount code mydomesticmonastery at checkout. 


We're in the thick of school discussions and discernment over here, trying to find a balance between homeschooling and traditional school, both of which appeal to us. More and more, there are options for part-time traditional schooling and part-time homeschooling, and the balance of both worlds intrigues us. But we're still doing lots of thinking, talking, researching, and praying to determine what God is calling our family to. We love homeschooling, but we love the traditional classroom setting, in small doses. Have any of you had this experience? What are your thoughts and experiences with this?


One of the things that makes me want to keep homeschooling in the mix (especially past preschool, when academics and curriculum matter more) is the draw to classical education. I love reading, Andrew loves reading, and both our daughters are already in love with books and being read to. I love the idea of making sure that they encounter many of the classic works of literature in elementary school and high school, and of them learning classic languages, literary analysis, etc. The classical method isn't one that most schools use these days, but I think it's beautiful, and very much in keeping with our family culture.


Okay, enough homeschool/school chatting. Let's talk books! Did I tell you that I discovered Willa Cather and all I can think did I not find this author sooner??? I'm on the second book of her prairie trilogy, The Song of the Lark, and recently finished O Pioneers. I was especially intrigued by how O Pioneers incorporated pioneer Catholics into the story. Fascinating!


On the book theme, please say that you're familiar with Baby Lit??? We only have one of them so far but Maria had me reading it ad nauseum the other day. Such cute books!


As they say, off to the races! Have a lovely weekend, friend. :-)


  1. I love Willa Cather!
    Are there schools there willing to let you go part-time?

  2. My friend gave me the Pride and Prejudice version, just because she and I love it so much - but I had no idea that there was a whole slew of items!!

    1. There are soooo many! I kind of want all of them. ;-)

  3. Ok, I need to read more Willa Cather. A friend gave me a beautiful copy of "Death Comes for the Archbishop" for my birthday in college and I started it but didn't appreciate it enough to finish it. I think about the parts that I've read many times. I must pick it back up!

    1. Oh and look around for a classically minded school. I've seen them! We have a charter school here called the Environmental Charter School. It's not necessarily classical but ohhhh if we were staying here I'd so send my kids.

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  5. My friend hybrid-homeschools her son. He is homeschooled however he attends a classroom program 2 afternoons a week at a Lutheran school. There is also a public school in the neighboring district that is set up for hybrid homeschoolers. Homeschool students attend one day a week.

  6. My parents chose Kolbe Academy Home School, which is a classical Great Books curriculum. I can't recommend it highly enough. My favorite Willa Cather book is "Death Comes for the Archbishop." It shows a part of the American Southwest (Catholic missionaries and Catholic Hispanic culture) that is too often overlooked by secular history.

  7. Hi Michele! I only recently discovered your blog and I'm loving it! I wanted to comment here because my family is also considering a hybrid approach to our sons' educations (I have three boys, twins that will be 4 next week and a 17 month old). We are lucky where we live, there is a school here that teaches to the classical method and meets two days a week from K-5th grade and 3 days a week from 6-12. I'm excited by the possibilities of my kids having the best of both worlds and doing it all in a classical environment. They start leaching Latin vocabulary in 2nd grade! I don't know if we'll stick to this school all the way through or not. Since the whole school is part-time it also isn't accredited by the state. Being a public school kid myself, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around not having an official diploma from high school. I may switch to Kolbe Academy for high school, but that is still many years away, so we have time to change our minds a million more times! As of now, I love what I see on Kolbe's website regarding their high school curriculum and their online classes. Oh, and I may use Kolbe for religious education since the hybrid school we are planning to use is a Christian school, but not a Catholic school. We'll see! I'll have to continue following your blog now to see what you end up deciding on. Good luck with your decision!!


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