My Domestic Monastery on Fountains of Carrots!!!!

Good morning, friends! I just wanted to share with you my interview over at Fountains of Carrots. It was so fun talking to Haley and Christy. I hope you enjoy listening. :-)

And be sure to check out the new book! (Click here.)


  1. I hope this doesn't sound trivial but about a month ago I came down with a stomach bug and had that "can't get off the floor" nausea. I immediately thought of moms who had to experience this for months! I really couldn't imagine it, my daughter who was 20 months was devastated I couldn't even pick her up and cried the whole time. All of you moms who have HG and push through and are STILL open to life are amazing and so strong. Thank you for sharing your experience and I'm sure anyone who listens or reads your posts about HG will have new insight and be better equipped to support their loved ones who may be suffering with a difficult pregnancy.


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