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So much to share with you this week!


The first and most important thing to share with you is this: Mary's dear Courtney still doesn't have a headstone. And it's all Mary wants for Mother's Day. Can we make this happen for her? Click here to contribute!


Click on over for a listen! It was so much fun talking to Haley and Christy about the new book and my hyperemesis gravidarum experiences. 


Speaking of the book...a box of final copies arrived the other day. I'm so excited!

Forgive the picture repeat from the other day...this is just super exciting! This book has been a long time in the making, and it's so wonderful to see it completed.

Aaaaaand let's be honest. It wouldn't have happened without Andrew's support, and his gracious technical and back-up proofreading assistance (because a manuscript always benefits from another set of eyes!). He's the best.


It might be too late to get the paperback in time for Mother's Day...but you can still order one as a belated present!!! Click here to order a paperback! And it's not too late to get a copy of the e-book! You can pre-order a Kindle copy here. (And p.s....I uploaded the PDF copy for you, in case you need to order it for a last minute gift. You can buy it here.)


I've got a new post up, over at Ignitum Today... Why Sleepy Prayers Have Value.

(And yes, Maria is totally my muse. I don't know how I came up with topics for writing before she came into my life. I guess there was that cute older sister of hers...)


Amy Garro of Go Forth and Mother and I are starting a podcast!!! We've already recorded the first two episodes, and we have some phenomenal guests lined up. I am so excited!

It's going to be called "The Little House Mothering podcast," a podcast seeking to find the true, good, and beautiful as we rediscover good old-fashioned mothering. Our inspiration is Caroline Ingalls, from the Little House books. Ma has a way of making anywhere the Ingalls family settles into a home, filling their houses with beauty, goodness, and faith. In a world where motherhood can be so stressful, a world of "mommy wars" and "parenting methods," it's good to remember that motherhood doesn't have to be so complicated. It's good to remember that motherhood can be both simple and beautiful. Come join us! I'll let you know the second the podcast is live. ;-)

In the meantime, you may like...


Aaaaaand now it's time to get dressed up...because there's a graduation Mass at the seminary today!!! If you follow us on Instagram, it may look like we live there, but I promise we don't. We do kind of love the place, though! Please keep the seminarians in your prayers, especially as they head back to their home dioceses and summer pastoral placements. Pray for vocations!


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