Because Motherhood is Hard Enough...

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Motherhood is hard enough without having to "go it alone." That's why I'm happy to introduce to you The Little House Mothering podcast!


Don't you just love this picture?! It was a painting done by Amy's mother, and it is so stunning!

The tagline for the podcast is "The Everywoman's Guide to Good Old-Fashioned Mothering." The podcast and the website are going to be a resource for mothers who want to mother in a more relaxed, intuitive way. Tired of the Mommy wars? Tired of the pressure to be a helicopter parent? Tired of always feeling like you're failing, no matter what you do? Looking for inspiration, encouragement, and moral support. This is the podcast for you! 


(I love watching them look at their books together. Therese is at the stage where she likes to "read" to Maria - i.e. repeat a story that she's memorized - and it is the cutest thing ever!)

This Monday, The Little House Mothering podcast will premiere! Perfect for if you need to travel on Memorial Day! Download from iTunes and enjoy. :-)


"Girls! I can't see you. I want to take a picture!"
"Yes, you can, Mommy. You can see our feet!"


It's a sad day when you start to outgrow your ladybug costume. 

I dearly hope you will join us on Monday for the premiere of The Little House Mothering Podcast!!! Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. Can't wait! I needed some encouragement, it gets really hard being in the world but not of the world--if you know what I mean. Over here, we love anything little house. :)

  2. By the way, I tried subscribing via email but a screen popped up that said email is not supported.

    1. Thanks for letting us know! I think it should work now :)


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