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So first of all, after over three years of blogging, I think I may have finally had my first viral post! Thank you so much to everyone who read and shared The Five Things I Would Tell You If You Were My Daughter. It was a post written from the bottom of my heart and I sincerely hope that whoever needs to read it, finds it. You are beautiful, and you are loved!!!


Speaking of daughters, mine are nearly three years apart, and I just got asked again yesterday if they were twins. Now, admittedly, when they are in the bike trailer (as they were when the question was asked yesterday) they do look remarkably similar in size: 

But it's mostly an optical illusion. Therese is just incredibly petite and Maria is normal-sized. In a pinch they could fit the same clothes...but only in a pinch. This picture is truer to their actual proportions:

Definitely not twins.


Half-Kindled hosted a blog hop on post-partum depression and anxiety and it is phenomenal. She lined up some of the greats like JennyJenna, and Bonnie. As a two time sufferer of PPD, I really appreciate this series, and am so glad that these women are willing to be so open. If you are sufferer from PPD or Post-partum anxiety or OCD or even post-partum psychosis, please, please know that you are not alone and you are not weird!!! There are so many women out there who are suffering or have suffered from these conditions. It is not your fault, and there are wonderful people out there who are willing to help you. For some great information and support, I highly suggest Post-Partum Progress. It's also a great resource to help you find a therapist or to give you the information you need to talk to your doctor about treatment. Don't suffer alone!


Muuuuch lighter note, but summer has come to Missouri (i.e. the season that lasts from May-early October) and with it, crushing humidity. And with that crushing humidity has come...frizz. I have curly/wavy hair (more wavy than curly since Maria's pregnancy) and ever since moving down here, I CAN NOT CONTROL the frizz. So, load me up with your best advice, tips, and products, please!!


I also had the pleasure to share a very special story over at Catholic Exchange this week. I hope you got to read it, and I hope it is an encouragement to you in your own weaknesses.


Another random question...so, Andrew was given a Kindle Fire a few Christmases back, and we have used it quite a bit...but mainly as a media player/for reading things online. I do sometimes read e-books on it, but the glare is pretty bad, it's super heavy, and it's too bright to read from at night (at least, so Andrew claims when I'm trying to read and he's trying to fall asleep). I usually have one e-book and one hard copy book going at the same time, but typically I just read my latest book on my phone instead of the Kindle (since it's dimmer and lighter). Soooo, thinking about getting a Kindle at some point, but not sure what the difference is between the light emitted from a Kindle paperwhite and a Kindle Fire. Thoughts? Recommendations?


Finally, don't miss the chance to win Rosaries Aren't {Just} for Teething in the format of your choice (Kindle, paperback, or PDF). Giveaway ends Sunday! Click here to enter!

You can also enter to win a PDF e-book copy over at Ana's and Nell's.


  1. No opinion on the Kindle paperwhite vs Kindle Fire, but we have a Kindle Fire and on ours, you can adjust the brightness by pulling down the top menu/settings thing (I know, super helpful with the technical terms over here), so maybe that would help? I know they're super bright when I try to read in bed so I have to adjust it.

    The girls are so cute! Two of my not-twins get confused for twins often enough. They're just under a year apart, but still - not twins!

    ~Ruth Anne
    P.S. Thanks for the giveaways!

  2. Advice for controlling frizz-- hair spray, lots of hair spray. You've seen my curls, I'd be a total frizz ball without it! Mom says she has a Kindle paper white that she likes, and you can adjust the brightness.

  3. I remember people asking my mother if my sister and I were twins--we are five years apart and my sister is extremely petite. Even as adults, I would never fit into her clothes, she is over four inches shorter than me. It really makes you wonder what people are thinking. It reminds me of when I went to the doctors with my then infant daughter. The doctor was a friend of the family and I thought he knew I had had a girl, even still, she was dressed in pink lace and tastebuds from head to toe. Dr looked at the baby and said, "Oh, congratulations on a beautiful boy." I sheepishly replied, "It's a girl, Dr." He continued, "Oh, it's hard to tell at this age." ?????

    1. That's rosebuds--now I'm wondering what auto correct is thinking...lol!


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