Will You Let Me Be Real Random?

Bonus points if you knew to sing the post title in your head to the tune of "Will You Let Me Be Your Servant." Triple bonus points if you go over and visit Kelly for more randomness.


I'm writing this on Thursday night, and we're under a tornado watch, and I am the biggest wimp when it comes to severe weather. My friends down here are used to the occasional tornado siren. When it snows more than two inches I mock them for freaking out. When the tornado sirens start going off, they're nice enough not to mock me for freaking out. Why do I live in the Midwest, again? I saw Bonnie's Instagram update earlier and it definitely freaked me out. 


So, on the upside, the weather was gorgeous today - sunny and 80 degrees. The girls and I were able to bike to the seminary for Mass and lunch with Andrew. Lovely. I even snuck in a little Insta action as I was loading them up.

They were thrilled.


Having grown up in the Chicago/NW Indiana/SW Michigan area, and now living several hours south, I'm still adjusting to having such warm temperatures this early in the season. I was taking a picture of my hair for the following take, and in the process, discovered that I had a sunburn. I have a sunburn? In April??? My Hoosier raised skin is in shock.


So, I'm in the process of trying to grow out my hair but I am soooo bad at going for regular trims. Evidently, you're supposed to get a haircut more than once or twice a year?? Anyway, I have a curly hair product line that I'm using and liking (I think it's finally bringing out the curl that I lost during my pregnancy with Maria) but the humidity down here is ridiculous and my hair gets soooo frizzy. Does anyone use an awesome (and not super expensive) product to de-frizz? I've tried so many things, but haven't found one that lasts all day.


Homeschooling Therese is a lesson in humility. Do you longtime readers remember when I was all, "Montessori or bust!" I even started my own my own Montessori co-op. But no matter how many practical life or sensorial works I churned out...Therese couldn't care less. You guys...she's a super traditional learner. She loves books and - get this - she loves workbooks. I had to run to the dollar store to pick up diaper bags (because our diaper garbage is in our room and if we don't bag them my nose dies a thousand deaths every day) and I had to browse their school supplies. They had some awesome workbooks, so I thought I'd just grab a few. She finished almost half of math readiness one in less than an hour this afternoon, and I finally just had to cut her off from doing worksheets because it was nap time. I think I've discovered her learning style.

- 6-

Bless her heart, but Maria's learning style is to search and destroy. (Just kidding...she actually is obsessed with books, too. But her secondary learning style is search and destroy.) It is so interesting, though, to see how different her personality is from Therese. Therese was a late walker (probably because she was needing extra support, too, we just didn't know it at the time) but she was super cautious. Maria is part cautious, but a lot stubborn when it comes to walking. She doesn't want to do anything she's forced to do...unless Therese asks her to do something. She'd follow Therese to the moon and back.


Sisters are the best. I should know...because my sister is the very best one of all. Biased much?

But seriously...I talked to her earlier this week, and it never ceases to amaze me how we can always pick up right where we left off. It's been fun to grow into womanhood together. I hope my daughters can experience the same kind of friendship. :-)

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!


  1. I have no tips to offer you on the St. Louis humidity (it is awful, isn't it?) but I can say that I grew up in Kansas City and STILL hate thunderstorms, so it's not just you freaking out this week. (I'm pretty sure I hate them because of growing up there -- we hid in the basement A LOT.) And I got a sunburn this week too!

    Also having lived in both Wisconsin and Texas, I somehow fit in very well with the St. Louis approach to snow. I know just what you mean about thinking they're snow wimps from my time in WI but also am a little bit of a snow-driving wimp myself. :)

  2. I saw that picture on instagram, and I love it! Those two precious ones in the bike carrier just made my day!


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