Behind the Scenes: Holy Week

First off...a happy, happy birthday to two of my best friends who celebrated birthdays this week! Maria's dear godmother celebrated her birthday on Tuesday, and one of my most faithful blog readers and dearest friends celebrates her birthday today. Happy birthday, Amy and Leora!!!

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter. Congratulations to Rosie and her family on their beautiful new baby girl!

So, for every big event there are B scenes. I shared with you the most important highlights from our Holy Week, but here's a glimpse at some of the little lovelies that were happening behind the scenes...


Just a girl and "her" dog.

We visited the sculpture park on Holy Saturday, because they have a section devoted especially to dogs (and Grandma and Granddad brought their dog along). Therese has recently overcome her fear of animals (well, for the most part) and now keeps asking if she can have a dog. I've mostly convinced her at this point that since this lovable pup is in our extended family, she is "kind of like Therese's dog, too." 

(And no, we're not mean parents. Just renters. And, okay...I would prefer she were older so she could help take care of said future dog.)

Also, we've had some gorgeous warm weather lately, and I've been soaking up watching these two cuties play outside together. I love, love, love watching their sister interactions, and hearing their adorable little giggles!


These cuties have both sets of grandparents wrapped around their little fingers. And I don't think they mind a bit! I especially think that Granddad enjoyed some cuddles from these super worn out girls on Easter Sunday morning. (The Triduum really is soooo exhausting!)


Have you ever been to a sculpture park? And do any of your children love the newest PBS kids show, Odd Squad?! Therese loves pretending that she is the boss of Odd Squad, Miss O. Here she is posing in her "something very odd has happened" pose at the a particularly odd sculpture.


She is getting soooo close to walking! Her special shoes have really helped her ALOT. Hooray for SMOs! And in response to the inquiry I sent out about what shoes work well for SMO wearers, I can share that - for little girls at least - Mary Jane style shoes with a strap that goes over the top (instead of something more closed top, like a sneaker) seem to work really well. She's able to wear her actual shoe size that way, without having to go up a size! 

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!


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