Day 16 - Mary and Joseph

Welcome to another week in our 40 Days for Vocations! This week, I will be sharing with you some of my favorite married saints.

Wait, Michele? You aren't going to forget Mary and Joseph are you???

Of course not.

I could wax and wane poetic about these two. I love them both, very much, and there is so much to ponder about them both. Most of the time, we think about them in terms of their Holy Family, or in terms of their "celibate" marriage. But we forget something - they were married, and they did love each other very much. 

So, on this Saturday morning, all I have to offer for your reflection are these images of their wedding, to serve as a reminder that they were, really and truly, a married couple!

Please continue to pray for vocations with us!

O God, Father of all Mercies,
Provider of a bountiful Harvest,
send Your Graces upon those
You have called to gather the fruits of Your labor;
preserve and strengthen them in their lifelong service of you.

Open the hearts of Your children
that they may discern Your Holy Will;
inspire in them a love and desire to surrender themselves
to serving others in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.

Teach all Your faithful to follow their respective paths in life
guided by Your Divine Word and Truth.
Through the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
all the Angels, and Saints, humbly hear our prayers
and grant Your Church's needs, through Christ, our Lord. Amen. (source)


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