WIWS - Feeding the Hungry

Joining up with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday.

Maria, bless her heart, was in fine form at Mass today. I tried all the usual things to help her - nursing, walking, allowing her to bath herself in holy water (her method for blessing herself involves liberal use of said holy water) but she was out of sorts. Finally, I realized she was hungry. Breakfast had been hours prior, and we'd forgotten to give her a snack before Mass.

But I hesitated. We generally try to avoid snacks at Mass, and my pride kicked in. If I gave her a snack, I'd be bending a rule. I'd be loosening a standard!

A silly rule. An arbitrary standard. Babies aren't always predictable!

Needless to say, I snuck some snacks into her chubby little fists and all was well. She was much happier (at least for the next five to ten minutes). But it got me thinking.

Feeding the hungry (and vulnerable) should be a no brainer. It's a corporal work of mercy, for goodness sake! But my stupid pride about trying to be consistent with a family rule almost prevented me from doing it. Yet feeding Maria little fruity melts that made the pew smell like smoothies, shuffling little snacks out of a very rustly bag - it was embarrassing, and humbling. It was a good thing!

Sometimes, I'm amazed how God uses my love for others to chip away at my ridiculous pride. Boy, oh boy, am I glad He does!

And now, what we wore!

I tried out Ana's method for curling  hair and it is truly fast and amazing. Check it out! Check back this week for my first vlog!! It'll be the first in a series on thriving on a grad student budget!


  1. You both look so cute! No one likes to be hungry! I was really surprised at our church's Breakfast with Santa, hardly any of the kids could eat due to food allergies. One little boy was so hungry, he cried, I felt so bad for him. I had nothing I could give him except juice. I am so glad you could feed your little one!

  2. For Maria, I'd break any rule;) And I'm so proud (ha!) of T's scarf! I'm glad she still likes it. She'll get another one next week!:)

  3. You both look great! And I love her little pink mittens (and both of your scarves!)!

    1. Thanks, Cammie!! She's dressed way more appropriately for the weather, though. I threw on my coat after the picture was taken. ;-)

      My family lives up in Southwest Michigan, though, and all day yesterday they were texted me pictures of all of the snow you guys are getting up there. Kind of jealous! It doesn't snow much in St. Louis. :-(

  4. So cute! I love the black and royal blue combo! And nearly the same thing happened to me this Sunday with the snack thing. :)


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