Weekend Reading Vol. 14

Linking up with the lovely Kelly!

We made it through the week! With Andrew out of town for half the week, we're all more tired than usual...and so ready for a weekend! How about some reading?


Sometimes I hear about something the Church is doing, and I just think, "Yes!!" (Insert fist pump.) This latest development left me uber proud of those fellows in Rome. The Church ranks on top when it comes to charitable work around the globe, so much of it goes unnoticed and unreported on. I love when something like this actually gets acknowledged!


So, evidently, some of our beloved seminarians/my husband's students read the blog now. Hi, guys! Pray for vocations, everyone... including our seminarians. They give me so much hope for the future of the Church!


Speaking of a Church in need of hope, did you catch Jenny's call to arms? Phenomenal. It has me thinking about how to best witness to the truth in the public square, especially when it comes to the sanctity of marriage.


I know I have a number of readers who are Notre Dame alum, but even if you aren't, we should all be up in arms about this. As a double Domer in theology (and married to one, too) this has me appalled. Theology is an academic discipline, and I am tired of its importance being downplayed. This doesn't even touch the Catholic identity issues. It speaks to a lack of appreciation for the rich and rigorous Catholic intellectual tradition!


That was kind of a heavy...how about something lighthearted? My father-in-law was in town for business the other day, and we had dinner with him. He admitted that he was unfamiliar with Yaya. Consider yourself introduced, one and all.


I've been thinking about buying a cast iron skillet, so Andrew sent me this article from Lifehacker. So informative!


I hope you saw this week's vlog! Have a lovely weekend, and a happy Valentine's Day!


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