Weekend Reading Vol. 13

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Ready for some links? I just love reading people's favorite links on the weekend, and I'm happy to pass some on to you. :-)


I'm glad that you all enjoyed my first ever VLOG! It was so fun to make. I tried doing another one this week, but I made the error of trying to record it while Andrew gave Maria a bath. The results were an example of what happens to a mother's brain when she is listening to her baby scream. Literally every other word or so was "um" and at some point I try to say "loaf of bread" but what comes out is "bread of loaf" and I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE until I was replaying it later. Soooo, take two at a later date! I will be continuing the series, though. I'll try to aim for a new vlog a week. So check back! 


Every Saturday, Andrew tackles the management of the girls (including a father/daughters Mass and breakfast date at the seminary) and I huddle up in a Starbucks and write. Right now, I'm in my favorite chair and it's pretty empty in here, but somehow I ended up next to these two guys who are talking theology. I'm trying to figure out where they're coming from, and it is driving me crazy not to jump in to their conversation. Speaking of which, Andrew and I had a long conversation the other night, and I was talking with him about the fact that I feel God tugging me to make the transition from catechetical work to apologetic type work (i.e. defending why we believe what we believe). Andrew suggested launching an apologetic series on here, and I'd love to! What are people wanting to learn more about? What questions do you all have? I'm thinking of something with the tone of Jenny's 31 days on marriage and sexual ethics (which you should sit down and read if you haven't!!) but obviously a different topic. What would you like to talk about?


I feel like the at-home moms I know have all gone through an evolution of sorts. Some start off being strictly stay-at-home moms, some start off working from home, but one by one, I've noticed each of them finding a niche to plug in to in addition to their full-time motherhood. One of my best friends is an accomplished modern quilter, blogger, and pattern writer. Another best friend is finishing her training to be a Creighton Fertility Care Practitioner. Still another friend just started a Mary Kay business. Some have just become absolute experts in some aspect of their family life. I have some dear friends who are are self-educated nutritionists, and they absolutely amaze me. For me, I've felt God nudging me again and again to delve deeper into my writing projects. Yet, it's a tough balance to strike! One of my favorite creative bloggers had an excellent reflection on her own experience as a mother and cottage business owner. I could relate to so much of what she writes about!


Haley is one of my favorite bloggers, and she probably is yours, too! Her post this week on cultivating the mind even without going to grad school...was golden. I think that there can be a real struggle for people (men and women alike) to continue to cultivate their minds after they graduate from school. But it can and should be done! Reading books opens up a whole world to anyone and everyone. I love books (as you probably could tell from the vlog) but I especially love how they make you feel like you have the world at your fingertips. It reminds me of Auntie Leila's post about the library she went to growing up. My childhood library wasn't nearly as beautiful as hers, but AMEN to all the above. 


Tacy of "Picture a Skyline" wasn't blogging for sooo long but now...she's back and better than ever!!! Her latest post is about Lent. Head on over and explore her new site!


I know I already linked to Amy, but I can link to her again, right? She had a gem of a post about 3 year olds and chores and I just have to share it. I think it's the sort of thing that a lot of moms stress about, and I just love her take on it.


Finally, I was driving Andrew crazy when he was trying to fall asleep last night, because I'm on the cusp of finishing Jim Gaffigan's latest book, Food, a Love Story. He is so hilarious. And he grew up in Northwest Indiana, like all the best people did. (Okay, I admit...my twin sister grew up in NWI. Okay! I did, too. I guess I'm biased.) Anyway, here's your laugh for today. :-)

Now I really want some McDonald's fries...

Have a lovely Saturday!!


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