Thriving on a Grad Student Budget Vlog Part 3 - Food, Clothing, Shelter

Welcome back to another installment of our vlog series "How to Thrive on a Grad Student Budget." Part 3 will address covering your family's basic costs in a frugal way - food, clothing, and shelter.

note: As with all things here, I'm coming at this from a faith perspective! You'll get money saving tips, but also some ideas for good stewardship of your resources and ways to be charitable.


Craigslist  - your source for finding and pricing rentals in your area

Zillow - another great resource for finding and pricing rentals and housing

Aldi  - our grocery store of choice

Meijer - if you live in the promised land (i.e. any location with a Meijer), I hope you take advantage of this store! 

Savers - hands down my favorite thrift store for secondhand women clothing. Hold out for their 50% off sale. I just found some great finds at the one they had today!

Thred Up - great option for secondhand clothing online (some with tags still on!). Wanna try it for free? Click here and get a free $10 to spend on the site and I'll get some credit, too. 

Twice - is another option for online clothing shopping. I haven't tried it, but Rosie of A Blog for my Mom loves it, so click on over to give her some credit!

Check back tomorrow for the final installment in our series!


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