Thriving on a Grad Student Budget Vlog - Part 2 (Starting a Family)

Welcome back to another installment of our vlog series "How to Thrive on a Grad Student Budget." Part 2 will address starting a family while in grad school. It can be done!

note: As with all things here, I'm coming at this from a faith perspective! You'll get money saving tips, but also some ideas for good stewardship of your resources and ways to be charitable.

After I finished the vlog, I realized that I didn't talk about baby gear at all! Other than just hoping that people will gift you those sorts of things off of your registry, I include some ideas for getting other baby basics below. (note: Do not buy car seats secondhand! That's one area where it's okay to splurge!)

Some resources:

Craigslist - your source for any and everything secondhand for babies! I've found so many inexpensive gems this way. Don't be afraid to haggle a bit, too. Usually I ask if the price is "firm" if it seems a bit high, and often the person is willing to negotiate. Even if they aren't...still a very reasonable way to get what you need!

Consignment sales - I'm not linking to any specific ones, since these seem to be a regional thing. Google "kids consignment sales for [your city's name]" and see what comes up. Consignment sales are often best on their 50% off day. This is another great way to get secondhand baby gear.

Cotton Babies  - your home for all things cloth diaper! We use econobum and really like them. Sometimes econobum even goes on sale and you can buy 3 and get 1 free or something like that. Worth checking back! And all shipping is totally free!

Gerber cloth diapers - the gold standard in economical cloth diapers!

Once Upon a Child  - these stores are great for secondhand clothes and baby gear/toys. Keep an eye out for their clearance days (usually you can sign up for their e-mail newsletters to stay in the know) because those are usually the best deals!


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