Thriving on a Grad Student Budget Vlog - Part 1 (Building a Library on a Budget)

I asked you all recently if there was any interest in a vlog series, and I was happily surprised by that people were excited about the idea! So, as promised, here's the first part of the vlog series "Thriving on a Grad Student Budget.

note: As with all things here, I'm coming at this from a faith perspective! You'll get money saving tips, but also some ideas for good stewardship of your resources and ways to be charitable.

Relevant links:
Book Sale Finder - - subscribe and get e-mails about upcoming book sales in your area!!!
Savers Thrift Store - locate one near you!
Red Racks Thrift Store - great thrift store with locations all over the state of Missouri. - I actually haven't tried this out yet, but you can shop Goodwill online. And look...they have books! They aren't super pricey, but it definitely is more expensive than browsing in the store.
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store - the St. Vincent de Paul Society truly is an incredible organization, and is one of my favorite to support. Please shop at their stores, donate, and send anyone their way who you think could benefit from the services they offer!


  1. That was really helpful and thorough- thank you! I had to watch it in two parts because MY two year old turned it off half way through. Ha ha. I hope a lot of people will benefit from this... Will share !


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