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I think I've hit that point. You know, the point in winter where everything feels overwhelming, and you question why you're doing what you're doing? Then I look at these pictures and I think, "Ohhh, yes. Those cute little people. They're not so bad, after all..."


They did some random construction in front of our house this week, and the girls were fascinated. It was cute, until Maria started angrily insisting that she wanted to go outside with the construction workers. She had me put on her socks, then her shoes, then kept pointing at the door and whining. I asked her, "You want to go outside with the construction workers?" She stopped whining and said, "Yeah!"


It was so fitting that we were able to go to a used book sale on the day the first vlog was released! We found some absolute gems!


It's not a milestone you'll see listed on Baby Center, but the "being big enough to play outside by yourself while Mom watches you from the warm kitchen" has got to be one of the best yet! She got to play in the snow and Maria and me didn't freeze. A win all around!!!


Therese is learning to form/write her letters! She is so proud when she figures out how to write a letter. We're pretty proud of her, too! (End brag session.)

What's been bringing you sunshine these days?


  1. I watched my boys from the kitchen window the other day for the first time! Definitely a milestone in my book. It was just SO cold and I had a sink load of dishes to wash so it worked out perfectly!

  2. Hi! Im here from LMLD. I totally know what you mean about "that point" . Its a good thing the little people are SO cute right? Its our saving grace :)


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