Weekend Reading - Top Posts of 2014

Let's have one more year end wrap up post, shall we? I find it interesting to see what posts people read the most of last year. So, without further delay - the top 7 posts of 2014. (Linking up with Kelly.)





(Before Five in a Row is the relaxed "curriculum" we use for 3 year old preschool in our house. For our 4 year old curriculum, we use 26 Letters to Heaven. If you want to "homeschool" preschool without tons of prep work and stress, I highly recommend both!) 


(I really need to update this, as our current toddler aged child is of the "strewing variety," which means our play area/classroom is MUCH simpler!)




(Also note: any photos used that are not my own are given due credit in their respective posts!)


  1. I really need to embrace cleaning the little house way! Right now it seems to be cleaning, the "as little as possible" way, which really just stresses me out because my tolerance for messy keeps decreasing!


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