{phfr} We Love our Seminarians!

Linking up with Auntie Leila!


I just love seeing little babies read big books. Too cute for words, this one is!


This week, some of our beloved seminarians celebrated their candidacy at a special Mass. One of them aptly described it as a sort of "engagement" period for priests to be. How cool is that?!


Therese's favorite seminarians was one of the candidates. She's so popular that his mother wanted a picture of the two of them together. Therese insists that her friend will be the celebrant at her wedding Mass someday. :-)

Please pray for all seminarians!


Poor Maria had a check up this week. Poor mommy got to listen to the blood curdling screams of desperation when I dared set her on the scale. Poor both of us snuggled to recover after the fact. ;-)


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