2014. Done.

First we were traveling, now I've come down with the plague...but enough excuses! I've been writing so many posts in my head. Let's wade in with a recap of 2014. Joining Dwija, of course!


The littlest members of the family made the greatest strides in January. Maria tried solid food for the first time...

And Therese started (homeschool) preschool!!

(Sorry, Dwija...that was two.)


Star Wars occupied our minds, hearts, and home last winter...


...was evidently warm enough to hike in short sleeves. (I love you, Missouri.)


The glorious Triduum was in April, and we got all dolled up (of course). We also survived the Easter Vigil with two children!! (And, um, six adults to keep them happy.)


We traveled and Therese got her first (and hopefully last) head injury/ambulance ride/ER visit/stitches. (Hence, the neon pink bandaid.) But...that was our only hospital trip of the year as a family. Way down from 2013, with an HG pregnancy, childbirth, and kidney stones. Hooray for us!!!


...was the month of hilarious facial expressions and of the Raising Your Kids [the Catholic Way] series.


Little Maria/Plumpy/Ria/Goobermeister-meisterburger turned one!!!!


We celebrated 5 years with some throwback pictures. I'm still so in love with this man!


Went to the orchard to get some apples. Came home with a couple of [cute] nuts.


My beautiful firstborn turned four.


We drove 16.5 hours in one day, because we like doing things the hard way. ;-)


Advent. Christmas (including Midnight Mass in the church we were married in!). And a wonderful time visiting BOTH sides of our family. :-)

Cheers, 2014!


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