Weekend Reading Vol. 9

Posting this earlier than usual, since I'm guessing that many of you will be busy with last minute Christmas prep this weekend! But, if you have a chance to kick back, drink a cuppa, and read a bit, feel free to indulge in some weekend reading...


Tacy is giving away a copy of my book! Head on over there if you want to win your own copy of Faith Beginnings! And don't forget that my co-author, Amy, has a lovely little corner of the internet to call her own.


Ana Hahn had a beautiful reflection this week about how she (and we) are like the donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem. So very, very humbling and so very, very true.


I'm sure that all of you have already heard about this, but can you please join me in praying for Courtney in her final hours? Mary isn't kidding when she calls Courtney a saint. I truly think that it a possibility.


I've been finishing up a ridiculous amount of Christmas related sewing, and radio and podcasts have been my friend. If you haven't discovered this yet, you can listen to podcasts of the Jennifer Fulweiler show if you click here.


Auntie Leila had a great post on discipline and affection this week. It was a very timely reminder for me (although I tend to be pretty liberal with affection) to not let my frustration with little girl antics keep me from doling out extra hugs in the midst of meltdowns. It's easy to remember that with the baby, but it's harder to remember that preschoolers need that, too. 


We are in the midst of the O' Antiphons! If you want to know more about this rich, rich tradition, Lacy has a simple but informative summary of it for you.

(Sorry I cut off your eye with my meme, Yoda. Nothing personal.)


Speaking of Yoda lovers, I'm not sure if it was Thanksgiving or the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego that did it, but Therese is now fascinated with Native Americans. And, apparently, she thinks they are smarter than everyone else.

Me: (driving in the car and trying to explain something and repeating it when Therese can't hear me)
Therese: What did you say? I can't understand you.
Me: Sorry, sweetheart. Sometimes even Mommies have a hard time saying things clearly.
Therese: Are you confused?
Me (absentmindedly, as I was trying to drive): Yeah, yeah, Mommy's just confused.
Therese: Native American mommies...they never confused.
Me: Oh?
Therese: Native American mommies...they really smart. (Sigh.) I wish you was really smart.

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