Weekend Reading Vol. 8

It's Sunday! Time to go to Mass, relax, and do some leisurely reading. Here are some links for you!


Mary is My Homegirl officially retired this week, and I am so bummed! The good news is that she's leaving up her Tumblr, so if you haven't checked out her hilarious posts, you can still check out the archives. Her tagline, "Coping with the terrible life choice of studying Catholic theology in graduate school...Miserere mei, Domine" says it all. If you're Catholic, or have studied theology, or have ever been in grad school (and especially if you said yes to all the above!) you will find something to love and laugh over. It's hard to pick a favorite (and I just spent too much time browsing the archives to find one) but this one is particularly funny. I'm also biased because she's studying theology in my personal favorite theology department.  Not at all biased.


Since having Maria, I've cut back a lot on gluten, because I seemed to have developed a mild sensitivity to it. I can (and do) still eat gluten in small amounts, but I often think about people who can't, in particular, people in the Church who suffer from this and the pastoral issues that arise when it comes to receiving the Eucharist. Kendra had a guest blogger this week who offered some wonderful insight into this situation. Definitely worth a read!


I think I may have mentioned that I'm a part of the newly formed Council on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (CIDD) through the NCPD. I feel so honored to be getting to know some amazing men and women in this group! One of the many benefits is that I'm able to better stay up to date on the latest things happening in the Church to serve those with special needs. I'm beyond excited about the new curriculum that Loyola Press recently released for children with special needs. Even if you don't have a child with special needs, check it out! Chances are high that you'll encounter someone who could benefit from this program, and you may be able to offer a little hope to a stressed out parent!


It's that time of year - when Catholic parents everywhere stress about whether or not they're ruining their children by telling them/not telling them about Santa. Caleh has a great reflection on itBonnie threw in her two cents, Kendra shared her thoughts, and Jenny shared how her family "does Santa" (remarkably similar to how our family does it). Haley shared a complete different opinion, and I think that it offered great insight into another way of meeting your child's needs. In case you missed it, we talked this week about why St. Nick comes to naughty children.



It is a tricky balance - trying to lead an unrushed, unhurried life, and feed the need to re-fuel with alone time - but also taking time for developing friendships with others. Amy hit the nail on the head with her reflection on community and motherhood. I'm so happy that she is a part of my support system!


Andrew and I were watching a recent episode of The Flash the other day, and were amused to find the man version of Coco making a guest appearance (obviously not in that role). In honor of that cameo, I thought I'd share the video that had us cracking up the other night...

Have a wonderful Guadate Sunday! Linking up Kelly.


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