Weekend Reading Vol. 7

Kelly!!! Look at you, girl, taking over 7 Quick Takes! Go on over and give her some love and buy her new book!


Speaking of new books...another new one just got released by Haley and Daniel over at Carrots for Michaelmas! I don't have it yet, but you can bet it's on my list. Since having Maria, my stomach isn't what it used to be, and I'm looking forward to seeing what gluten-free, whole foods recipes they have to offer. Plus, it's liturgical! Win, win. Buy it now! It's less than $4!


Continuing with the Haley love, she and the wonderful Christy from Fountains of Home just launched a podcast! I have a lot of gift making to tackle in the upcoming weeks, and I'm excited to have this playing in the background while I work!


Living in the general vicinity of St. Louis meant that everyone we saw on Thanksgiving asked, "So, what about Ferguson?!" Andrew and I have talked about the issues surrounding it all, and I was very intrigued by Simcha's proposal. I think at the heart of all of this is remembering that we should show the same compassion and mercy for others that we ourselves desire. Yes, there are real issues that need to be dealt with, but it's important to deal with them in a way that humanizes, instead of dehumanizes. I'm not going to get in to my take on Ferguson right now, but I think the big takeaway for both sides should be the need to truly listen to each other, and do what we can to help those who have fallen far astray. How can we rehabilitate those who commit crimes, and help lead them to conversion? This isn't to say that crime should go unpunished, obviously, but it should be dealt in a way that is both just and merciful. Anyway, go over and read Simcha and see what you think. I'm still mulling over this all, and am no where near reaching a conclusion. And please, please pray for everyone in Ferguson!


This image of Mary and Eve is one of my favorites, and I love the prayer/poem that goes with it. We easily forget that Christmas isn't just about a sweet, cuddly baby - it's about the entire course of human history being radically changed!


Pope Francis has been doing a phenomenal job of proclaiming the dignity of those with disabilities. I saw this picture recently and cheered on the inside. Thanks, Papa.


Some parents really struggle with the whole Santa/St. Nick thing, but I think we need look no farther than the wisdom of G.K. Chesterton to see the value of Santa.


Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent! 


  1. Stephen and I discussed the Simcha article.. Why did cracking down on a petty crime lead to murder?


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