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So, Andrew and I met as college undergrads and got married shortly after graduation. What this means is that we've definitely gone through some "growing up together" moments. One of my favorite things about marrying young is that we've been able to witness each other go through certain rites of passage - like a work Christmas party (which we went to last night)! Am I the only young wife/mother who sometimes still feels like she's only pretending to be a grown-up?? Sometimes I can't believe that I've been married for half a decade and am responsible for the well-being of two little girls. Crazy!


Therese has been loving her time in her Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium! I'm friends with her catechist, who is in the process of going through Level I training, and is slowly making the materials for her atrium. She showed me this Annunciation work that she had made, and it was so beautiful that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Back when I was working in a parish and developing a curriculum for kids with special needs, I would often wander in to the atrium for inspiration. The feelings that I felt then, handling and observing those beautiful materials, came welling up in me all over again. I am so happy that my little girl has the opportunity to spend time in an atrium every week!


Therese (who is obsessed with her sister and wanted to take pictures of her) snatched my phone the other day, and took these lovely pictures. I put them in black and white because they were a little blurry, but aren't they beautiful? It's pretty rare to capture a moment like this - the gaze between me and one of my babies. I love it.


When I'm bagging our groceries post-shopping, she does this. In case you can't tell, she is "using her powers" to keep the doors open. Four year olds are the best!


Andrew has officially completed his first semester as a Greek professor. I am so proud of him! The seminary celebrated the end of the semester last night, with Mass and a Christmas party (and even a visit from St. Nick, much to Miss "I saw Santa! I saw Santa!" delight). At some point, I need to devote a whole post to the blessing that the seminary has been in our life. Spending time with the seminarians gives me so much hope for the future of the Church! They are so welcoming to our family, so appreciative of the "sounds of life" at Mass (ahem, Maria), and so full of life and love for their faith. The future of the Church is very bright, friends. Very bright!

Have a lovely Saturday! And happy patronal feastday to my youngest goddaughter. ;-)


  1. I just saw this!! A little late but how cute to see our little ones together. Yes we are so glad to have you as our Seminary family! It gives us hope too every time we see the young men committing their lives to God!


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