Weekend Reading Vol. 4

Home from Mass? Looking for a little reading this Sunday afternoon. Look no further than the links below! Linking up Jen!


Fathers are really disregarded in our current society. They are made to look incompetent, their leadership capabilities doubted, and their importance downplayed (like when they're demoted from "father" to sperm donor). Make no mistake about it - there is a definite war on fatherhood happening in our day and age. I just have to acknowledge how blessed I feel to have the men that I have in my life - my own father, my father-in-law, and the father of my children are all men who I deeply love and respect. I am so grateful for the gift that each of them is in my life!


Speaking of fathers-in-law, mine sent me a great article this week on being saved through childbearing. Oh, my goodness, this is right where I am in my faith life right now. I feel as if God is gradually opening my heart to see that He is using the littleness and humbleness of my vocation to make me a saint. So easy to forget how valuable humility is when living in a world where the amount of attention one gets determines her "importance." Yet, it is important to seek and find God in the littlest of inconveniences. Actually, that kind of reminds me of the personal mantra of one of my favorite ladies.


So, my Maria's godmother is a quilter. She recently released a new, free pattern on Craftsy...and partially named it for my baby!!! You can find the pattern here. Isn't that gorgeous?? I can't wait until her quilting book comes out this March!!! Pre-order your copy now!!!


While I'm singing her praises, I'll direct you to Amy's non-quilting blog, where she shares her thoughts on the importance of dressing up as a stay-at-home mom. I'm the kind that kind of always dresses up for everything, so this was less of an eye-opener for me but more of a pat on the back, and a reminder that what I'm doing matters. So, thanks Amy! Head on over there for a pat on the back or an eye-opener, whichever you need. (And speaking of eye-openers, she also has a pretty amazing cocktail series, if you're in to that sort of thing!)


With all the articles about capsule wardrobes floating around, you may be looking to refine yours with a few good pieces. I think that my overall wardrobe is probably already at capsule size, but I like to regularly freshen it and pass on whatever I'm not wearing. Want to update your wardrobe a bit? Want to get some free clothing? Have you heard of ThredUp?? A thrift store without dragging cranky babies through endless racks of clothing...yes, please! If you click here, you get $10 (free!) to spend on whatever you'd like, and I get $10, too!!! You can't beat free, right?


Okay, so when I sew I watch episodes of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, as I've been altering clothes for our fall wardrobes, making some quilts, working on a dress for an upcoming wedding, etc. (Evidently, I've been sewing more than usual lately, because I think Maria may have recently learned how to say Duggar. God bless babies in word acquisition stages.) This video, made by a comedian for the latest Duggar wedding, is HILARIOUS!


And speaking of hilarious...one more excellent video to share with you, care of Jen Fulweiler. :-)

Have a great Sunday!!


  1. I've been struggling with actually dressing nicely from day to day the more pregnant I get! I think I've only stayed in yoga pants a total of two days, but Cecilia noticed IMMEDIATELY and started asking me why I hadn't really gotten dressed :P Gotta be a good example to our girls! Especially since we struggle so much with getting her to wear *actual* clothes, instead of insisting that leggings are pants :P


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