{phfr} Little Professors


First off...isn't this little girl lovely? I was commenting to a friend last weekend that sometimes the baby absorbs so much attention, and then suddenly I stop and really look at Therese...and am just in awe of her. She's a pretty wonderful daughter!


Andrew wasn't the only professor in the family this week! His dissertation director (who our family is completely in love with) invited the two of us to give a talk on marriage to one of his theology classes (and insisted we bring the girls along!). Other than Maria seeking out every non-childproof aspect of the classroom, it was fun. He wanted us to focus alot on Natural Family Planning, too. There were a good number of students who were either unfamiliar with NFP or unsure about it or disagreed with it. So it was great to get to share our experiences with them. NFP can be challenging, most definitely, but it is definitely a means through which God helps us to grow in our marriage. And let's be honest...the resulting "products" are pretty dang adorable, no?


Her personality...I love Maria's personality. She is funny, passionate about everything, overall laid back and happy, and extremely affectionate. As you may remember, her original daddy-given nickname was "Nugget", but that quickly got exchanged for "Plumpy." Stinky and Plumpy. Andrew will have to re-think their nicknames by the time they hit puberty.

Of course, what's especially funny is that she isn't an extremely plump baby. Our first was (and is) just so petite, that in comparison, Maria seems huge! Actually, she's right on track to follow her mom's growth curve. And she's still pretty little compared to some babies her age. I could go on and on about this girl, but right now my favorite things about her our her hugs and kisses. She's always wanting to give us hugs and kisses, and it fills up my heart like none other!


The word "Eucharist" means Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving week, starting Monday, I'll be running a series on the Eucharist, and how it applies to family life. One of the posts is going to be on babies and adoration. It can get kind of crazy, but ohhhhhh...I love babies at adoration. ;-)

Have a lovely Saturday, friends! 


  1. I really do just love that picture of her crawling to Jesus. Beautiful!


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