{phfr} The Beauty Captured by her Godmother...

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On to some loveliness. :-)

Maria's godmother came to visit last weekend (with her newest addition in tow!) and she brought her fancy camera. She took some lovely pictures of our family, and especially of her sweet little goddaughter.


It is sooo rare to have people take nice pictures of you when you're a mother! Amy got some great ones that I can use as headshots (when the occasion calls for that sort of thing). I never seem to have good headshots when someone asks me to use one!


Seeing these two together always makes me happy. What is it about seeing your husband with your children that just melts a mother's heart?


Is being mischievous a second born thing? This girl is always trying to play with things she's not supposed to!


She could just live in my arms and lap. And honestly? I would happily let her. Alas...starting to just want to move, move, move...but only with Mommy close by, of course. ;-)

Have a lovely Saturday evening! Go Irish!


  1. That last one is one of my favorites! Love seeing those sweet little mommy, baby moments.

  2. Sweet moments captured are always a gift. Deo gratias!

  3. You look so happy and peaceful in your head shots.


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