{phfr} 4th Birthday Edition!!!

Linking up with the lovely ladies over at Like Mother, Like Daughter. Congratulations to Rosie on her big announcement!!!

Last week, our family gained a 4 year old! Andrew also went out of town for a conference, we had a dear friend come stay with us, AND we drove up to Chicago to go to a baptism and visit family! Whew!!


I was so incredibly grateful for my beautiful, sweet, gentle friend, who stayed with us while Andrew was gone. The girls LOVE her, and she lightened my load considerably. In the less than 48 hours she was here, we also managed to make...a T-shirt quilt!!!!


While Andrew was gone, we also drove up to Chicago, where we got to attend our first ever extraordinary form baptism (which was beautiful!) and stay with Andrew's family. Andrew's best friend's daughter was the one being baptized, and Andrew couldn't be there...so it took five Chronisters attending the baptism to make up for his absence. And still, everyone told us how disappointed they were that Andrew couldn't make it! That husband of mine has some big shoes to fill!

(Does anyone else think that priest vaguely resembles Sherlock?)


We had a little time in between Mass and the baptism, so we went to check out the giant bean in Millennium Park, since the girls had never seen it. Therese couldn't wrap her mind around it when we tried to describe it to her beforehand, but she seemed to like it once she saw it. Maria was unimpressed. ;-)


We also got to stop by the Art Institute (which was also a first for the girls). Therese actually recognized one of the paintings from a project she'd worked on with my sister (who is an artist and has even made some of the oil paintings in our home). Therese saw this particular painting and exclaimed, "I saw that picture with my Auntie!!"

All in all, a busy but lovely weekend. :-)


  1. Therese looks adorable in that last picture. I like her dress and tights; such a classic outfit for a little girl:) The quilt is pretty too;)

  2. Busy busy! That t-shirt quilt is awesome by the way :)


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