Weekend Reading: Volume 3

Just a little bit of reading for your weekend! Linking up to Jen, the radio superstar. I'm also in the middle of reading her book, and I'm loving it so far!!!


I'm always on the lookout for books to read. It's kind of backfired at this point, as I'm in the middle of or have started reading five different books at once. But I'm still looking for suggestions! There's nothing worse than the feeling you get as you're approaching the end of a book and having nothing to read next! This week, Haley shared the 10 books that have stuck with her, and I found some good inspiration for future reading! And, of course, Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy is always good for a decent book recommendation!

This is embarrassing to admit, but Grace's recent post on how to make the perfect soft boiled egg was incredibly helpful. I'm pretty confident in the kitchen, but I have a couple of weak points, and one of them is timing boiled eggs. I usually just cook them longer to be sure that they've cooked through...but I love it when they're soft boiled! Grace's method works beautifully.


Have you heard about the Declaration of Rights for Children and Families? Read it and sign it. How sad is it that we live in a world where something like this is necessary...


I know I linked to it the other day, but I really think that Amy's post on breastfeeding loss is excellent. Yes, there are probably some women who opt for bottles...but I think there are many, many more women than you might think who have suffered from breastfeeding loss. I am so happy that Amy is raising awareness about this. 


Ikat Bag is one of my favorite blogs for handmade toy inspiration. Her latest one - a hot dog shop - has me itching to get sewing. My girls would LOVE something like that! She has so many good tutorials on her blog, but I think some of the coolest are her the ones where she uses her circuitry expertise and anything cardboard.


I hope all of you are familiar with Bonnie and her son, who miraculously came back to life through the intercession of Venerable Fulton Sheen. If you haven't already heard about what's going on with Bishop Sheen's cause for canonization, click over and get updated! And please, pray and help however you can!


This story is an inspiration for any parents of small children, who go to Mass.  We've had our share of "Grandma and Grandpa" types in our lives, and they really do make all the difference. I hope that Andrew and I are like that when we're older. ;-)

Have a lovely weekend!


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