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I wish I could write more tonight...but this picture heavy post is sponsored by the very wiggly, grumpy baby on my lap!!!


My adorable goddaughter (that's a major flashback link there...she's three years old, now, but just as adorable as ever) recently got an adorable baby sister. Said baby sister and Maria are about the same age difference as my goddaughter and Therese. AND their mother is one of my best friends. Three pairs of girl buddies? Lovely.


We started preschool again recently! I didn't intend to take time off this summer, but I am so glad that we did. Upcoming post about all that, but for now a picture of a painting session during "school time".


On two separate occasions recently, I was asked, "Are there twins in there?" and "They look close in age, are they?" Just today, someone commented, "You've got double trouble, there!"

They're almost three years apart, people. ;-)

Oh, and I have to share this story...


Therese: Mommy, do you know what this is?
Me (basing my guess on an earlier picture): Um, a shark?
Therese: Yeah! That's the baby shark and he's eating all his brothers and sisters...

I wish I could be shocked, but I'm actually amazed that she remembered that detail from a video we watched on youtube over a month ago. (I can't find the video now, and it's gross enough that I'd rather not share it anyway.)

And while I was looking for that video just now, I found this awesome video (which is actually similar to a song that she's sung at storytime with Miss Laura...but, um...this one is a lot funnier and has a slightly disturbing ending):


A box of fifteen hardcover classics for....$10!!! A major book sale win. We've already been enjoying the copy of Alice in Wonderland that came with the set. (Definitely have been inspired by Rosie's read alouds with her crew!) 

I know that we had some repeats from the Instagram feed this week...hop on over there and follow us if you don't already!!!

Alright...now to go retrieve that wiggly baby from Andrew (who saved the day blog post by scooping her up from me mid-post...my hero!).


  1. I get asked if my older three are triplets! People are so funny sometimes.

  2. I really need to get some nice hardcovers for us - the covers on all our paperbacks are coming off because the kids are just SO rough with them!

  3. Hhahaha! Awww....you need a double! I'm thinking of getting a few of these to click together 3 (cheap/affordable) umbrella strollers: http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-20065-Stroller-Links-Black/dp/B003XMWFAU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1409000011&sr=8-3&keywords=umbrella+double+stroller


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