{phfr} Another Pleasantly [odd] Sunday

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Just a quicker post today, sharing another one of our restful Sunday afternoons. :-)


Recently, we went to a sculpture park near us. It was equal parts lovely and disturbing, as these things go. (Okay, disclaimer: I am not an art expert. So this is a layman's take on these sculptures and what I like and what I didn't. So, if you are an art expert, no trolling, okay?) This was one of my favorite "sculptures"...a triangle shaped bridge that went over a creek in the woods. One of the sides of the triangle was this glass wall, and we were able to get a family selfie in it. :-)


(If you get that reference, we can most certainly be friends!)

Andrew had taken our big girl to this park not long after the baby girl was born, and he had told me all about this sculpture. But since then, I saw the Dr. Who episode and when I saw this, I geeked out a bit. (Maria, on the other hand, freaked out a little bit. I kind of don't blame her. But! Dr. Who! You can also click here.)


This sculpture was done by a Russian artist. It's supposed to be cannons aimed in different directions to defend the park. From what?! Brown recluse spiders, maybe? (Those little things are the #1 reason why I will not shed too many tears when leaving Missouri. They creep me out, and I'm thankfully we haven't seen too many. Keep up the prayers, whoever the patron saint against spiders is.)

I also handed over my camera to Andrew for a bit and turned my back. I found these pictures later.


When our oldest was a baby, we called her our "Stinkzilla" when she wound up (since her daddy-bestowed nickname is "Stinky"). This little one's daddy-given nickname is "Plumpy," so she is our "Plumpzilla." This picture documents Plumpzilla terrorizing the town. "Ohhhh...no! There goes Tokyo! Go, go, Plumpzilla!!"

I always love reading the nicknames that Lindsay's family comes up with for their babies. I think she's the one that says that a child who has been nicknames is a child who's loved and it's true...our girls are swimming in nicknames and we love them both to pieces!!!


  1. Hahaha that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the giant eyeball! Glad to find a fellow Whovian!

  2. Ahaha those sculptures really are terrifying! I'll never be able to appreciate some of this modern art...


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