From Mother to Daughter to Daughter...

This weekend, my parents and my twin sister came in to celebrate a very special birthday. It was so wonderful to have them in town with us!

What is especially a gift, though, is seeing how so much of who I am can be traced back to who they are. And, in turn, so much of who my daughters are can be traced back to who I am and who my own mother and sister are. We're all connected in some way, this web of women. When we were pre-teens, my mom started a "Girls' Club" with us - basically just a special time we would spend together at least once a week (often while watching our favorite show at the time). My sister and I loved having "Girls' Club" time with our mom. It was fun to have time to talk, to laugh together, and to just be in each other's company.

Years later, when I became a mom myself, my mom let me in on her secret - it wasn't a coincidence that Girls' Club time was the way it was. It was something very intentional, on her part, to stay connected to my sister and I in that turbulent pre-teen/teen stage of life. Brilliance, I tell you! Needless to say, my girls are now also a part of our "Girls' Club."

Something that I am deeply grateful for (and something that we are blessed to have with Andrew's side of the family, too) is a shared commitment to our faith. After spending a weekend with my family of origin, I realized yet once again - they truly are where I learned how to cultivate a domestic monastery! In that sense, this blog wouldn't be possible without them.

Something especially beautiful to see, though, is how my sister has lived up to her role as Therese's godmother. The girls are both blessed with two godparents who actually take time to pray with them whenever we see them. I cherish these moments in my heart.

And now, What We Wore Sunday! We took my family to our archdiocese's amazing cathedral...and they loved it!


  1. What a special bond to have! I'm so glad I have at least one girl that I can have "girl time" with both now and in the future. It's amazing how much we absorb from our own mothers even without meaning to. I see my mom and my grandmother in so much of how I mother.

  2. I forget you have a twin and then I see pictures and oh my gosh, you guys look so much alike. But you're probably like "duh." This was such a great post, thank you for sharing!


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