Everybody's Linking for the Weekend!

Linking up with Jen - who's in the midst of her book tour!

One of my favorite things about the weekend is the lovely link sharing that happens in my blog feed!

Before we dive in...have you checked out the new Raising Your Kids [The Catholic Way] series?


Shameless, shameless self-promotion (kind of).

I recently launched a new blog (totally separate from this one), that I hope will serve as a resource for all of those working with with people with special needs in the Church. I was inspired to start it when I was prepping for my presentation at the NCCL conference and realized I couldn't possibly print out all the resources I wanted to share. So...

Yoda -  Start a new blog i will!

So if you know anyone with a child with special needs, or know anyone who does catechesis with people with special needs...can you share the link to the new blog?


I joke with Andrew all the time that God sent me to him to help cut down on his purgatory time. But seriously, parenting children with another person has a way of bringing out the best and worst in you. Either you learn how to work together, or it's going to be a struggle!


Speaking of that man of mine, one of my favorites is when I'm pacing in the back with a baby and - across the church - I spot him put his head in his hands over something semi-heretical said in a homily. (Thankfully, it doesn't happen at our parish, since our priest has pretty awesome homilies...but you better believe I've seen it when visiting an out-of-town parish!) I read this thought-provoking post on the fluffiness of homilies today and thought of him. DO click over to the article from Time Magazine - it is so sad, but such an important perspective to hear!


Do you follow Kelly of This Ain't the Lyceum, yet? And if not, why not?!

She's a homeschooling mom to many, including to dear boys diagnosed with SMA. She's best known for her epic posts, like this one.


I'm pretty sure that I've recommended Heather's blog to you about half a million times, but this post on vulnerability...just wow. So, so true. And complete with illustrations!



Oh, and please pray for Mary's sweet Courtney, won't you? Her daughter is so beautiful and brave. (And Mary's pretty incredible herself!!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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