The Theology of Superheros

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Okay, so a major focus of today's post is this little girl...


Doesn't she just look beautiful here?! You fellow mamas of three-year-olds know how incredibly difficult it is to capture a picture of your child when she is actually smiling normally at the camera. Such a gem!


You'll typically find her playing with her sister...

...whose new favorite occupation is eating sand.

But I digress.


But really? She is a superhero. As she loudly proclaims to anyone who asks her name (even the older woman who asked her her name after daily Mass one day)...


(As Andrew explains, "It's not her legal name.")

"Look like a superhero, sweetheart!" (That's the only command that will get her looking somewhat normal in a picture these days...)

No longer is she timid and overly-cautious, afraid to try things or face her fears...she is SPIDERGIRL! Her newly discovered superhero side has made her brave enough to face just about everything (well, except for automatic flush toilets...).

There's only one's led to a bit of a confusion when it comes to her theological views, as evidenced by a conversation we recently had...

Spidergirl (who may have been Supergirl at the time): I am Supergirl! I am strong enough that I'll get Jesus off the cross!!

Me (heresy alarm going off): Uhhhh...he doesn't want to get off the cross, sweetheart.

SG: But, I am strong enough! I am powerful enough! I am superhero!

Me: But...umm...superheroes aren't more powerful than God.

SG: They are! They are more powerful than God.

Me (heresy alarm blaring off the charts!!!):, sweetheart. No one is more powerful than God.

SG: But superheroes have powers! 

Me (extrapolating a bit for the sake of orthodoxy): Where do you think the superheroes got their powers from? God gave them their powers.

SG: No. They have their powers.

Me: Yes, but their powers are a gift from God. But that doesn't mean they are more powerful than God. God is more powerful than any superhero.

SG: Oh, Mom....

Might have a wee bit of work to do there.


But all kidding aside? Her best superpower is being a caring, protective, and helpful big sister. She's my sleep monitor. So, when things become too quiet right before we arrive at the grocery store...I know she'll let me know if the girl that Andrew affectionately calls "Plumpy"...

...has pulled one of these deals:

(Why do the no-nappers always fall asleep right before you reach your destination?!)

I don't know where I'd be without my Spidergirl. She's always protecting us, cheering us up, and keeping us safe from the bad guys. :-)

And did I mention she tells me superhero stories that she makes up??? That'll be another story for another time. I love her so much!


  1. Hah Thomas still won't go in most public bathrooms! Black toilets and loud flushes have scarred him!


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